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About Jennifer Eden

I've always been creative, but who am I really? I'm a chameleon, expressive and quirky but sometimes deep and reflective. When I'm not in front of a camera, you can find me behind one, or behind a microphone! I'm a pro Voice Artist with a full pro home studio, that keeps me busy in between acting and presenting.  

My first portraits were taken with an analogue camera and film, when I studied photography during senior years, I love creating those key element that come together to achieve something special.

I seek to create a mood and memory from my photography that truly captures the essence and individual beauty of my subjects.

I have a style that is unique and if you are drawn to my images, wonderful! We share a resonance :)

It is my preference to keep shoots very natural  with minimal lighting and editing , I truly believe you can capture the most  wonderful images in nature and the soul shines through most when working outdoors with sunlight.

I also love to express through movement, sound and performance, many people have commented on my repertoire of accents, voices and catch phrases, I find myself imitating people, always fascinated by how different and interesting we all are! Voice and presenting work seemed to come naturally as someone who loves to connect, communicate  with different people and find out what makes them unique!

I would love to give life and beauty to your special captured moments, or to your voice project!

Jennifer Eden 

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