Voice Artistry


Voice, what a powerful medium! It is the first thing we recognize as tiny humans in the womb, the sounds of our parents voices., a source of comfort, familiarity....

As we get older we also start to perceive so much more in a voice, love, honesty, friendliness, happiness, openness...or on the other hand we've all experienced that "sales spiel" where, no matter how eloquent the words, we can just FEEL that there isn't something real behind them, no connection.

Well, what I strive to bring to every project is, CONNECTION, that genuine relationship with both subject and the audience.

Hi I'm Jenny, a professional, Australian voice-over artist, actor and presenter with 8+ years experience.

I offer a variety of styles, accents and characters, recorded in my professional home studio, with top equipment including Sennheiser, Steinberg and LogicPro, to give your project the best edge.

I have the honour of being the voice of and represesnting many wonderful clients and brands including: RAA insurance, Bellamy's BetaGenica 8, Dan Murphies, Real Estate.com.au, San Remo, Limepay, Maurice Mead, Ola, Woodside Energy, Yamaha and many more.

I am also a presenter for Cartell.Tv  

I look forward to giving voice to your project soon!

I offer a range of services including:

- Advertising

- Explainers

- Instructional 

- IVR and voice mail

- Character and Voice Acting

Projects are professionally recorded and edited, I can offer fast delivery, live directed session, video syncing and more! Drop me a line and let's talk about how I can help you!